Are you marketing properly?

As an introduction to my demand generation blog, let’s start by taking a hard look into the mirror and asking ourselves—Am I getting the return on investment that I need on the various avenues of marketing that I am currently employing?

Probably not.

If you’re like a lot of businesses, you’re probably bombarded on a daily basis with then next great thing that promises customers will beat down your door. And, like most, you’ve probably wasted tons of marketing dollars on ineffective mediums that might sound like a great idea, but in the end only succeed at lining the pockets of salesmen.

There are many, many factors to consider when looking at your overall demand generation strategy. Are you marketing a product or service? Are you selling to other businesses or retail end users?

What types of mediums are you currently adopting? Are you one of the hold outs still wasting money on dinosaurs like the phone book or newspaper? Or are you a web savvy strategist that uses their website as a lead generating machine through search engine optimization or pay per click campaigns.

Is your marketing targeted? What does your brand say about you? Do you effectively communicate your brand in everything you do? Are your advertising pieces and collaterals produced by someone who truly knows and understands your business or by a two-bit graphic designer that works for a magazine whose biggest concern is fitting in the maximum number of ads?

Is your brand well positioned enough to even remotely explore radio and television? If you talk to your local radio or TV rep—they’ll say you are, but more than likely, you’re not and will end up disappointed.

Are your customers local or are they out of state? And if they are out of state, could you benefit from sales tools that allow you to reduce your overall travel budget?

Are you regularly committing a percentage of your overall revenue to marketing? Unfortunately, many companies allocate marketing dollars based on what’s left at the end of the month or quarter—and in a downturn, are non-committal to their overall marketing strategy when this is truly the most critical time to stick to your marketing plan.

Follow my blog and I’ll provide you with some unique insight on how you can become a smarter lead generator and get the return you deserve. I currently manage successful marketing campaigns for individual businesses in 7 major metro markets across the U.S. and can help you weave through the jungle of ineffective marketing mediums that just don’t produce.

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