Press Releases Get The Word Out

Outside of having a huge list of personal contacts within the media,marketing consultants typically compose press releases to alert the media of newsworthy events. PR can have a marked impact on how a client is perceived by the media, whether or not their product or service is getting reviewed or not and their overall visibility online or in print.

Well composed press releases have several benefits including:
• Vehicle for delivering news to the media
• Possible interview/write-up
• Press releases become searchable items organically
• Valuable back links
• Creates a documented history

Of course, the ultimate goal of a press release would be to have an article written about a client’s product or service that either gives them a great review or positions them as an industry expert—plus, it’s free publicity!

Keyword embedded press releases also become searchable items on the internet. If composed properly, your press release will “hang out there” in Google and show up in organic search results.

For off-page SEO purposes, paid releases through companies like PRWeb and Marketwire provide valuable back links to your clients’ website—a great way to improve overall organic rankings.

Press releases also create a documented history or timeline of a clients’ growth, any new product or service offerings and newsworthy events. These press releases are a key component to putting together a proper press kit as well.

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