Executing a PR marketing strategy

Once you have your press release written you will need to execute the press release campaign strategy.

There are 3 stages to executing a successful PR campaigns:
• Pre press release distribution

• Distributing and marketing your press release

• Post press release follow up
Pre Press Release Distribution

Before you actually start distributing your press release a little extra work and effort to contact key media contacts can pay big dividends.
1. Contact selected editors and journalists who work at the publications and media outlets that you are targeting.
2. Introduce yourself to them and ask for their permission to send them your latest press release.
3. Ask them what kind of press releases are of most interested in.
4. Let them know you will sending over a press release and let them know they can contact you should they have further questions.
Distributing and marketing your press release

Create an email to accompany your Press Release. We have included the email that we use to send out press releases, you can adapt this for your own use.

Make sure you include your press release as part of the body of your email, DO NOT send as an attachment as many journalists and editors will delete it based on the potential for viruses.

In addition to sending your press release directly to contacts in your media contacts database you can also do the following to promote the press release and get more coverage.

Distribute the release through online PR distribution sites

The first thing you will need to do is optimize your press release so it is more compatible for search engines to recognize. We have included a basic guide on how to optimize your release below.

Once you have optimized your release you can use a number of online distribution websites to send out your press release.