Successful Email Marketing

A successful email campaign will have a number of different components that you need to focus on designing. This guide is designed to give you insight into each of these elements and some guidelines on how to design each element.

Remember if you are new to email marketing it is a very different medium to print advertising and is viewed and read in a different way.

With a print advert or brochure you know exactly how every single viewer will see your piece and that they can take time to read it if they wish as the ad is in a print form which is tactile and more conducive to being read.

An email can be displayed in a number of different ways depending on the viewers screen size, resolution and a whole host of email client settings and whilst you can not ensure your message will be displayed perfectly in every case you can take advantage of some of the design guidelines in this guide to give your campaign the best chance of success.

An email is something that someone receives that interrupts what they are doing rather than a piece of collateral that they have chosen to read. Generally people are in the middle of working, surfing the internet or answering other emails.

Should you send a graphical HTML email or a plain-text email? It depends on your objectives.

Email Subject Lines

The main objective of your email subject line is to get the recipients attention and have them captivated enough to go on and open the email to read more.

Email marketing subject lines are one of the most important features of your entire campaign. If your recipient does not open or read your email, your efforts were wasted, your message was not heard, and your products were not sold. Recipients filter their inboxes faster than ever before, and decide on whether to delete or read an email just a half second after reading the subject line.

The goal of your subject is that it has the ability to stand out in a crowded inbox while compelling the reader to open your email message. It needs to grab the attention of the recipient and communicate the purpose of the message in a creative way that makes the reader want to open the email to learn more.

Crafting a good subject line takes creativity and imagination as the author must convey a lot of information in a few short words. However, there are some guidelines and best practices that marketers must follow in order to ensure the emails are opened and not deleted.

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