Directory Submissions

Marketing your website for organic search relies heavily on your search engine optimization practices. Submitting your website to search engine directories is the first step to good Off-Page SEO. Only after your website is optimized for search (On-Page SEO), you should begin your directory submission process.

The standards for submission of a new website: – Free to submit. –Free for their independent directory with no time guarantee, but fee based for the Yahoo directory with a time guarantee. – Free to submit. – The open source directory, free to submit.

Outside of the aforementioned directories, there are literally hundreds of directories which accept submissions—many are free, many are fee based either one-time or on an annual basis. Seeking out and submitting your site to these directories is the time and labor intensive part of the process. Not only do you have to pick appropriate directories, you need to ‘drill down’ to the exact category which is the best descriptor of your website. Also, make sure you submit to a directory that gets decent traffic and is well ranked. However, diligent work pays off in the form of valuable back links to your website which strengthens your site and positions you in a favorable light in the eyes of Google.

Local Search

When I take on a new client who only markets their product or service locally, I always run through a bevy of local search directories for submission. Many local search directories get great traffic and are well ranked—the key is submitting your listing so that it is optimized for search.
Google local and Yahoo local are again standards in this category—outside of that there are many others like,, and Some give you the basics, but others let you really expand your listing and add additional content. It is usually a very tedious process of data entry, but in the long run does contribute to overall traffic—plus you get back links!

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